How do I use the welcome discount?

You shall subscribe the newsletter at the following link and follow the instructions: The discount code must be inserted in the ‘promo code’ field  once you have completed a cart over 69€. 

How can I get an invoice?

If you wish to bill the order to a foreign company, please write us an email to [email protected]


Can I insert a birthday card?

Yes. When you are proceeding to the payment, there will be a field called 'shipping method', and below a tick called 'I want to add a gift message'. We remind you to sign the gift message, for those who want to!

Will the gift recipient receive a receipt?

No. The receipt is sent only to your email. The invoice, if issued to a foreign company, will be released if you communicated us via email the necessary data. 

Is it possible to make a gift box?

No. We use a certified packaging for the transport of glass and fragile products, to make sure they arrive safe and sound. Anyway, it is possible to buy our wooden boxes, perfect for a gift!

Wooden Gift Box 1 bottle

Wooden Gift Box 2 bottles

Wooden Gift Box 3 bottles

Can I give someone a coupon?

Yes. You can search for the product ‘Gift Card’ on the website.

If you wish to give a coupon of another value with respect to those on the website, please write us to [email protected]

Can I pay cash on delivery?

Yes, only in Italy. The service has an additional cost of 5€.  

Are the prices shown VAT included?

Yes, all prices on the include Italian VAT. When you add a delivery address which is not in Italy the prices will be changed due to your local VAT.

What wines can I buy on Etilika?

On Etilika you can buy the best Italian wines and French champagne. Our sommeliers taste all the wines before putting them up for sale to offer you an absolute quality selection. You can find wines from famous wineries and small artisan wineries.

How do I look for products?

In the menu at the top you can browse the site among the categories of products that you like the most. At the top you will find a search bar where you can write the name of the wine, cellar, denomination or vine. You can also filter the wines within the sections of the site by price, type of wine, region, pairing, aging and many other characteristics.

How do you store products?

The warehouses where the wines are stored are our property, for this reason we manage to directly control the preservation of wines in a constant cost-effective way, monitoring humidity, temperature, location and everything you need to ensure that the best Italian wines you buy in our online wine shop are perfect when they arrive at your home.

What If the wine I bought tastes of cork?

Although it happens very rarely, it can happen that your wine tastes of cork. In this unfortunate event, keep the bottle semi-full and with its original cap, write to [email protected] or call us at +39062186733. We will take care of recovering the bottle and you will receive a discount code of the same amount as the bottle, as long as you report it to us within 2 months of purchase.

What is the tasting grill?

Click here to find out how to read the tasting grill available in all wines

I have a discount code, how can I use it?

You can apply your discount voucher in the 'apply coupons' section within your shopping cart. You will see the discount of the amount equal to the value of your coupon directly applied to the cart. We remind you that you can only use one discount voucher for each order.

Can I cancel an order I placed?

After an order has been completed and you have received the order confirmation email it is not possible to cancel it. If you had any problems while buying, please write to [email protected] or call us at +39062186733. We will do our best to solve the problem.

I can't finalise the order. What can I do?

- Check the credit available in your credit/debit or prepaid card.

- Verify the correct entry of credit/debit or prepaid card details.

- Insert the verification code 3DS.

- Verify the correct entry of the fields related to the shipping address (street, street number, zip code, city, province, telephone number, first and last name).

If after doing the above checks you continue to have problems completing the order, write to us at [email protected] or call us at +39062186733

Conditions of sale for items described as "Fine Wine" or "Rare Wine"

Some bottles present in the Etilika catalogue, explicitly described as "Fine Wine" or "Vino Raro" (marked by the relevant icon or present in the "Fine Wines" category), may come from collections, sector operators and specialized traders. Every single bottle is carefully checked by our team of expert sommeliers before being included in the catalogue, but we cannot guarantee that it has been perfectly preserved before entering our warehouses. For the products in question, detailed photographs are taken and any anomalies described, such as for example a label or capsule in less than perfect condition or the level of wine inside the bottle not completely full. For these bottles, any requests for replacement or refund are not accepted and the "as seen and liked" clause is therefore applied.


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